White Sparrow Found in Kailali Nepal


White sparrow

The sparrow image was taken by a photographer in Kailai Nepal. The sparrow seen here could be ‘lustic’ or ‘albino’, said bird expert Dr. Hemsagar Baral says. According to him, this is likely to happen in one in a million. According to Baral, the sparrow is more likely to be 'lustic'. "It simply came to our notice then.

This is what happens in birds with genetic degradation. Baral says. He said, "Lustics tend to be whole or slightly white." "But, this is an extraordinary phenomenon," he added.

Expert Baral said that there is a lack of melanin pigment in the affected plumage of lustic. "Because it lacks the capillaries responsible for melanin production," he said.

Albino is a rare occurrence in the world. According to Baral, the albino-affected feathers are white and the eyes and skin are pink. The eyes of lustic birds are said to be dark. Noting that eye color can be distinguished from lustic and albino, he said: "Albino can't even see.Birds with albino rarely reach adulthood, as most die as soon as they escape. '

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