Black-tailed Crack in Nepal

    The Black-tailed crake (Zapornia bicolor) is found mostly in Nepal, India, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, Vietnam,   Laos,  Thailand and Myanmar. It  found in altitude of 1900~2600 m.(sea lavel) in Nepal. 
   It lies in Kingdom:Animalia, Phylum:Chordata, Class:Aves, Order:Gruiformes, Family:Rallidae, Genus:Zapornia, Species:Z. bicolor.
    The black-tailed crake are small birds measuring 20 to 25 cm in length. The black-tailed crake have rufous brown upper parts. Contrasting ashy gray can be seen in head, neck and underpart are . The tail is blackish. The bill is bluish green with bluish tip. The eyes are reddish brown. The long and red colored  legs and toes looks beautiful. The flattened body makes easy in their movement through reeds. Their call is a repetitive “waak-waak” sound. 

I first captured Black-tailed crake (Zapornia bicolor) at Dolakha Jiri  Nepal in  2018

    It is slate-gray with a chestnut brown back. Its eyes are red. Its slender legs are pinkish-red. The Black-tailed Crack  natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. They can be found in like, subtropical or tropical mangrove forests,   dense swamps, wetlands,  marshes, reedbeds and paddy fields. They feeds on invertebrates, terrestrial insects,  worms, aquatic insects and mollusks. They also feeds on seeds, shoots, grass and berries.
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